Lose your limits and imaginary lines!

From this hour, I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines.- Walt Whitman

This quote from Walt Whitman, often described as America’s most famous poet, is one of my favorite quotes. I found it on a greeting card years ago and bought the card. I still have it and bring it out every so often.What would your life look like if you ordained such an act for yourself?We all have so many limits and imaginary lines in our lives.What? You don’t think so?Let me throw a few examples out here. You might start recognizing some of your own. · I’m too young to do…· I’m too old to do this…· I’m scared I will fail· I’m not educated enough or smart enough for this…· I’m stuck in this place…· I have too many responsibilities to do this…· I’ve never done this; I’m not sure I can

What would happen if you began letting go of these limits, and instead, begin imagining something else?

How many limits and lines have you constructed around your life? What would happen if you began letting go of these limits, and instead, begin imagining something else?Science and research is proving daily that the mind is a powerful instrument to be used for or against us. If you think it, it is so.If you believe that you have no options, no choices, then you will continually look for those limitations to reinforce your situation or limitation. You will be stuck in this belief and it will become so strong that you simply believe it as a fact as much as the color of your eyes or that the sky is called blue.

You are a powerful creator!

Has anyone said to you lately? “You are a powerful creator!”You are! You have the ability to create in your life:· New options· Choices· Direction· Ideas· Positive life giving thoughts· Fulfillment in the smallest of acts and thoughtsWhen we unleash our imagination and allow ourselves to make small and big steps of change, we begin to see across the horizon of our lives a thing called HOPE. Perhaps you have ingrained a limiting belief so strongly you don’t even know how to break the spell it has over limiting you. Maybe you think this is your fate…to suffer or feel unfulfilled in your job or life.

Our limiting belief and imaginary lines are like brick walls or fences we have built around our life.

Our limiting belief and imaginary lines are like brick walls or fences we have built around our life. How do you begin to take it down? One brick at a time. Make one hole in that limiting boundary and you will begin to see the light, the part of you that has been yearning to be loosed and free.

You will begin to find the real you as well, the person you are meant to be.

Take one of those limiting lines you carry within your head and heart, just one and do this:

  1. 1. Become aware of the thought, the belief
  2. Write it down so you can see it in black and white
  3. . Ask yourself this question: Do I know this to be the absolute truth?
  4. What other options or choices might there be beside the one I believe?
  5. Write these down no matter how ridiculous you think it sounds or looks-(note: using the word Imagine is powerful)
  6. What one thing can you do to move this belief aside? To take one brick down
  7. Find a new thought that you want to embrace

Examples: Supporting myself as an artist

  •  I can’t make money doing what I love. Do I know this to be the absolute truth? No. Other people thrive and make money as an artist.
  • Imagine: I sell my art on the internet; I sell my art through different venues; I join a local artists group and brainstorm with others; I speak with successful artists
  • I connect with the small gallery near my place; I can use a profession to photograph my portfolio
  • Make a portfolio; go by the art gallery and speak to the owner or manager
  • I am a powerful creator. I am a powerful artist and my work is seen and bought by those who appreciate it and need it in their lives!

In the Vita courses, you learn how to find options and choices and design your own path toward fulfillment. www.victoriayeary.com/.  Use your powerful and wonderful mind to lose the limits and imaginary lines you have around yourself!

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