Touching is Unadvisable-Living with Social Distancing

The human touch is critical to our development as human beings. Studies support this in the areas of child development and studies of depression, it is the human touch that is missing. Humans need each other to touch and connect.

Right now, during the effects of the Coronovirus-COVID19, we are told not to touch in the outside world.

Do not touch metal or cloth and if you do, wash your hands thoroughly. No socializing and instead virtual meetings are taking place. Everywhere as we sit in our homes, sheltering in, it feels differently to everyone.

It may feel very lonely to you. You may feel extremely restless. You may be anxious. I know of people who are finding it hard to sleep at night. I think I can safely say, none of us are disaffected.

As three weeks has passed of being indoors and non-touching, non-socializing with at least another four weeks of the same, we each will have our own touch points where a new challenge, an emotion perhaps will surface again and again.

Many of us see this as a time to be productive, a way to distract yourself. I get this. You may be at home with children or working remotely. And some of you have no distractions; you are unemployed or self-employed. It is a rare time to be productive, to finish something you started or try something new.

I am a go getter. I can always find things to do. But in these early weeks, I found myself by late afternoon, tired and wanting to stop. At times, I had a hard time starting my day at all. I decided to listen to my body, to my emotions. And I stopped or slowed down. I recognized the emotion. Everyday may be a different one. Routines have gone by the wayside or need to be adjusted. I’m not telling you anything new.

I hope when we are able to get outdoors and socialize again, when we are freely going about business in a normal way, we will have taken this time to sit with ourselves and perhaps gone deeper. I hope you are asking yourself questions about what you really want, what is of real value to you.

Perhaps it is time for a new direction. Perhaps you have found out something about your life you would like to change. And in this bewildering and eventful time in 2020 and in your life, you will desire something that will put you on a new adventure.

You may not be able to touch others at this point, but something in you can be touched. Something in you can wake and grow, come alive.

This can be a time of curiosity, of listening more to who and what your purpose is.I hope when we get through this pandemic, we are able to touch each other and not be afraid. I hope we hug freely and pat each other on the backs. My wish is that everyone freely be connected again.

I hope we truly value the ability to connect in the most basic of ways, through a handshake, a hug. Meanwhile, if you are living with someone, wash your hands and give each other a long hug! and if you are alone, wrap your arms around yourself and say this out loud, “I am here for you. You are supported. You are loved.”

You are important. You are supported. You are loved.

Join the wave of people who live their true selves!





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