Stop chasing your tail!

Do you feel like this? Like you are chasing your own tail. You see dogs do this and it’s somewhat bizarre and hilarious to watch!

It’s like some mad obsession! They keep going around and around, a pointless endeavor to gain succession of their own tail.

This is where you may be. You may be going around and around in your head, constantly, thinking about the same predicaments, situations, and seemingly unavoidable outcomes.

Especially now- COVID now, where nothing makes much sense and actually a dog chasing his tail seems to make the most sense!

How do you see beyond right now? Maybe you are out of a job and receiving unemployment, but it’s not enough or it’s running out soon.

Maybe you are in a place you don’t want to be. You are stuck due to quarantine or finances, and it looks like you have to stay put.

Choices seem slim or impossible.

There is one choice. It is within you. And I bet you have already heard it so many times: attitude, point of view, gratefulness, seeing the positive, changing your mindset. The list goes on and on, right?

But worry and fear are constantly chasing you, and like the dog and his tail, you get stuck in the circularity of your own mad thoughts. How can you stop?

It’s not easy! I’m not gonna lie!

It’s not easy. I’m not going to tell you to stick a bunch of affirmative sticky notes on your bathroom mirror or rework your budget for the fourteenth time. These are all good things to do, but you are being called to something different right now.

You are being called to reassess your life, your thoughts, your actions.

You are being called to leave old patterns behind and break old habits.

You are being called to create something better for you and yours.

You are being called to find your talents, your passion and live out of them!

Coming from a place of your true self is empowering. You create from this place. You make things happen when you truly understand how powerful, creative, inspiring, and fill in any other amazing word to describe who you really are!

Being in the circular pattern of fear limits you! It’s like a WCW pro-wrestler has your head in a gridlock. You feel stuck and its painful. Instead of trying to overcome this tight grip of what’s next, let’s you and I sidestep it.

Your mind can only stay on one thought at a time, but fear can run through your body constantly. And the way to alleviate this is by creating something powerful and positive that you begin to experience not only in your mind, but in your body as well.

It’s like a memory. Remember one now. An event or place that brings you joy. (I am pausing here to give you space to remember one or two good memories).

Let’s make a memory.

Close your eyes and remember.

Feel the feeling of being in this place. Can you smell or see particular details that create this memory?

Now take a deep breath, in and out several times.

Go deeper within the memory.

Feel all the good feelings within that moment.

How does your body feel now? What about the feeling in your chest? Does it feel happy, warm? Excited?

This is an experience. This is your mind creating something that felt good and now you are reimagining it and feeling good about it.

Now, I want you to go back and think of a bad memory (not too bad, please. I don’t want to have to pull you out of a black hole!). Perhaps it is when you had a minor car wreck or your girlfriend broke up with you or the day you were terminated due to COVID.

Go through the same steps? How do you feel? Sad, sorry, angry, confused?

Does this memory have a sensation with it? Perhaps you even see a color, a sense of darkness or shadows?

Okay, shake this off. Come back to a happy thought.

Now, create something new as if it has already happened. You have a brand new job; it pays better and you like the work. Or you have a new relationship, and this woman is bright, engaging and thinks you are amazing!

Again, breathe in and out, while closing your eyes.

Put detail to the idea. Feel what it feels like to be in that moment! Let your imagination go!

How does it feel? How uplifted are you from this experience? Do you feel a sense of hope? Optimism?

You just created an idea, a belief about your life. You just empowered yourself with a small moment of what can be your truth!

How do you build on this? Do it everyday even if it doesn’t make sense. Except, skip the bad memory. Just the good ones and new ones!

The other way to stop chasing your tail is to know thyself and to thy own self be true!

The best plan for building something in your life is to know the building blocks of who you are and how to implement your talents so they shine! When you understand this, your are emotionally and directionally supported. You know what you aren’t good at and don’t have an interest in (like that last job you had!). And you see more clearly where your next steps are going.

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Stop chasing your tail!

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This is a great opportunity to pivot in your life, to make a difference in where you work or live! To shake off the old tail chasing of fear and unseen options in your life.

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