Find Your Shine!

 I woke this morning thinking about how important it is for each one of us to appreciate  how our talents/gifts are a natural part of us ! 

So today, I want to remind you of something very important, this is about YOU! I want to remind you of  what you are, how you shine, what speaks to you, and what makes you feel good!

When duty calls…

You may have been on duty call for a large part of your life. What’s duty call? This is when you are working a job/career or other function as a duty to the people in your life and the bills that must be paid. 

You may have been on duty call so long that your beautiful talents have been submerged, pushed away, or neglected entirely.

I am here to tell you it’s time to find your glimmer, find your place that makes you happy, and you will naturally shine and be the real You!

First, stop comparing yourself to anyone or any idealized version of what you think you should be. Stop looking at your job description, at a certain title or status or company as being who you should be or need to be. FIND YOUR SHINE! 

Find your shine

When you find your talents and begin working from there, you will shine, you will thrive. 

The dreams you have dreamed about fulfillment, purpose, and success come from knowing, appreciating and using your unique gifts!

Today, begin appreciating the gifts and talents you are imbued with. As you move about your day, whether in your job or at home or with other people in some capacity, take time to be observant of your own shine, your talent. 

It may be the wonderful way you include others. The greatest tool for finding your talents is the Gallup Strengthfinder.  They call this a strength (another word for talent or gift) and this particular strength is called (you guessed it) the Includer. You are aware and sensitive in including others in information, communication and events. If that is your talent, give a small thank you for your wonderful gift to others.

You might have the talent of being a Relator. You can help others understand ideas, information, and concepts. You are able to relate material to others in ways they can understand.

Ahh, that’s nothing, really!

Often, the gift you have is so natural, so easy and effortless, you don’t even see this as a talent or strength. Others may. They may say, “You make it look so easy!” or they may comment, “Thanks so much! I just couldn’t get this until you showed me how.”

I urge you to begin appreciating yourself, your gifts, by being thankful for them. And when you use them today, even if no one else feels the impact, be in appreciation.

Appreciate your gifts

Appreciate how it makes you feel. Experience your Shine fully!

Maybe your gift is Strategic. As you look at a process or situation, you see gaps and areas to improve and map a better way.

Or if you have the Command talent, others look to you as your confidence rises in a challenging situation or problem. You are able to move smoothly through and find a way where others may be confused or disarmed.

Knowing your gifts, your talents is a way for you to expand into all of the wonder of how you are inwardly built for this outer life.

Be grateful each day for how you shine. Appreciation is the gateway for more understanding and the ability to see in the moment and beyond. Appreciation opens your heart and mind.

Don’t dwell on other’s talents. Keep watering those precious gifts you have. Find your Shine

Find Your Shine

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