How It Works


Depending on the scope and need of your job will be the size and length of a project. Creating content that Google picks up? Revamping your web site with SEO strategy? Perhaps you need training manuals or a policy and procedure manual. Every project is important to me. I organize your project with great care, deliberation, current marketing strategies, and creativity.

Free 20 Minute Consultation

Requirements Planning

Research & Content Strategy


Launch, Measure, Refine, Repeat

Step 01

Project Definition

Begin with an idea, create a plan, and execute a timely launch.  I have your back. Project Management is part of my process. You know where the project is at any point along the way. Changes, additions, and dealing with challenges are part of the journey, and part of the success.

Clear Steps and Goals

Time Frames for Completion

Allow for Adjustments

Step 02

Research & Strategy

Research includes understanding your audience’s pain points or barriers. Be it technical or creative, research includes finding the current information, trends, facts, and methods.  I use subject matter experts, data, current legal compliances, and good old-fashioned legwork to find what you need.

Double Check Sources

Marketing to a Specific Audience

Landing Pages and Email Campaigns

Step 03


Writing great copy means writing a clear message. One that is read with the intent and information you want your audience to know and act on. Writing is also about strategy- how long, how short, the information needed, how it is aimed toward a specific audience with the resulting action of the customer/client taking action. 

Blogs Seen and Read

Lead Magnets and Landing pages

Ebooks, Manuals, and Fiction/Non Fiction Ghostwriting

Step 04

Launch, Measure, Repeat

Good copy and campaigns are living documents in the digital world. You want to launch your information as timely as possible, measure the audience engagement, and repeat the parts that are bringing you traffic and successful results. What isn’t working may need redefining and redirecting.

Good copy and content strategy can bring more email subscribers, new leads from SEO, increased online sales, lead pages for lead magnets, or just great technical or creative copy.

Client Results


New Email Subscribers

Set up nuturing campaign for new and exisiting clients. Set up landing pages with call to action that resulted in email subscribers.


New Leads From SEO

SEO words and meta descriptions for new website brought in new visitors. 


Lifted Online Sales

Created copy for new online store resulting in more online visits to website and building brand awareness through product blogs.