I’m Victoria

 I Develop People and Organizations 

My Services


Systems Integration and Workflow

I find the best route for your processes. Be it the recruiting cycle, leading business initiatives across the workforce, or gaining speed in completing performance reviews. Have you merged or acquired new employees? Let me integrate the workforce with change management and workflow.

Talent Management & DEIA

In today’s competitive market, engaging, educating, and inviting people to thrive and stay is important. Equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility can raise your productivity perspective and increase innovation. Let’s create DEIA throughout your organization and not just in your mission statement.


Ending Silos & Creating Collaboration

Whether working across the hall from one another or across the globe, creating communication systems is vital. Connecting ideas, projects, and people is my goal. And using the right systems and understanding of cultural and workstyles is key.

Performance Management

How effective is performance management? What are the key factors for building skill and compentency in your workforce?  How do you plan a career ladder in a small organization?

Change Management

Why do more than 70% of projects fail? Finding the true barriers people naturally resist toward change and positively pivoting them are important for an effective change effort.

Information Systems and Project Management

What is the best HRIS for your company? How will it serve you five years from now?

How can projects be created and executed to effectively motivate a successful outcome?

About Me

Developing people and organizations are the drivers that motivate me to bring the best, most relevant knowledge and skills to a job.

I’ve worked in many places and diverse environments- including Asia, East Africa, and Europe. My strengths include seeing over the tops of the trees toward strategic talent management, performance management, and scalability.

I love delving into software platforms- HR, systems workflow, and project platforms- to create a better system and way to communicate and get things done!

Whether you need a short-term project or full-time team member who thrives on building great infrastructure and developing people and leaders, I’m agile with a short learning curve and strong operational execution steps.

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